NRAS p.Q61H Reference Standard

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FormatGenomic DNA
DescriptionNRAS Q61H is a hotspot mutation that lies within a GTP-binding region of the Nras protein ( Q61H confers a loss of function to Nras protein as indicated by increased GTP-bound Nras, which leads to increased downstream pathway activation and cell proliferation in cell culture (PMID: 23103856).
Technical Data 
DNA Changec.183A>T
AA Changep.Q61H
Mutation typeSubstitution - Missense
Allelic Frequency66.67%
Cosmic IDCOSM585
Chr position(GRCh37)chr1:115256528
Product Information 
Intended UseResearch Use Only
Unit Size1ug
ConcentrationDownload for COA
PuroficationDownload for COA
DNA electrophoresisDownload for COA
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Expiry36 months from the date of manufacture