Gene Editing Services

Gene Editing Services

Service Introduction

Gene editing, also known as genome editing or genome engineering, is an emerging and more precise genetic engineering technology or process that can modify specific target genes in the genome of an organism.

Early genetic engineering technology could only randomly insert exogenous or endogenous genetic material into the host genome, while gene editing can edit the desired gene at a fixed point. Gene editing relies on genetically engineered nucleases, also known as 'molecular scissors', to generate site-specific double-strand breaks (DSBs) at specific locations in the genome, inducing organisms to undergo non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) or homologous end-joining (NHEJ) Source-derived recombination (HR) is used to repair DSBs because this repair process is error-prone, resulting in targeted mutations. This targeted mutation is gene editing.

Gene editing has shown great potential in gene research, gene therapy and genetic improvement because of its ability to perform site-specific genome editing with high efficiency.

Case presentation

Using gene editing methods, Reqbio has successfully obtained a variety of MET Ex14 jumping standard products, showing splicing mutations at the DNA level and deletions of exon 14 at the RNA level. Some products are listed below:


Table 1. Some products of MET Ex14 skipping mutation

The detection data is as follows (take c.3028+1_c.3028+9del as an example, please check for more data)


Fig 1. Sanger sequencing of DNA shows c.3028+1_c.3028+9del


Fig 2. The deletion of exon 14 in RNA sanger sequencing


Fig 3. ddPCR detection of DNA, showing a mutation frequency of 100%


Fig 4. ddPCR detection of RNA, showing that the copy number is 1315.07 copies/ng

As can be seen from the above data, not only splicing mutations occurred at the DNA level, but also at the RNA level, and according to the copy number data of ddPCR, the expression of MET was also greatly increased.

Reqbio has extensive experience in using gene editing technology to customize site mutations, insertions, deletions, and fusions. Welcome to communicate and discuss with us.

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