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Stable Cell Line Construction

Service Background

Stable cell line construction refers to cloning foreign DNA into a vector with certain resistance, the vector is transfected into the host cell and integrated into the host chromosome, and the resistance marker contained in the vector is used for screening. The most commonly used eukaryotic expression vector resistance selection markers are neomycin (neomycin), hygromycin (hygromycin) and puromycin (puromycin), and G418 is often used instead of neomycin for selective selection. Stable expression of the target protein, or stable expression of a cell line that silences a specific gene.

The construction cycle of stable cell lines is long and difficult, and every step is critical, especially cell transfection, commonly used physical methods (electroporation), chemical methods (liposomes, etc.), biological methods (viruses), according to different experimental conditions , choose the best method to achieve the purpose of the experiment.

Service Principle

The basic principle of stable cell line construction is to use gene introduction tools or gene editing tools to modify the original cell genome, so that the modified cells have certain specific phenotypes, and undergo resistance screening or other screening methods to make their phenotypes long-term stable. The succession is stable.

Service Advantage

·Reqbio has a huge mother cell library and database resources, and is familiar with cell characteristics.

·Diversified and flexible gene import and editing tools.

·Rich experience in construction and successful cases.

·Fast and efficient development process.

·Strict inspection and quality control.

·The development and optimization of the application method of the stably transformed cell line.

·Provide full process and complete system development.

Platform Introduction

Reqbio has rich experience in the construction of stable cell lines, is familiar with every step of operation, especially has unique experience in key steps, and has successfully constructed target cell lines (overexpression, inducible overexpression, silencing, inducible silencing, reporter genes, etc.).

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