Reqbio(Shanghai)Biosciences Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 in Zhangpu Science City Zhoupu International Medical Park. It is a multinational pharmaceutical research and development backbone team. It is dedicated to providing independent biological products, life medical research outsourcing services and bio-big data. Comprehensive company. As the company's business continues to increase, we need more and more talented people to join our team.

   We provide our employees with good career development opportunities, competitive compensation packages and employee stock option plans.

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Sales Representative

 job requirements:

   1. College degree or above in biology, medicine and related majors is preferred;

   2. Willing to engage in sales work;

   Recruitment number: 5 people

Cell culture technician

 job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, major in biology, biochemistry, medicine, testing, etc.;

    2. Strong learning ability and initiative;

   Recruitment number: 2 people

Laboratory animal researcher

 job requirements:

   1. College degree or above in life sciences, animal medicine, experimental zoology, etc.;

   2. Have an animal test certificate, and have a veterinary certificate for priority;

   Recruitment number: 2 people

In vitro pharmacology researcher

 job requirements:

   1. Solid foundation in biochemistry, cell biology, and data analysis;

   2. Experience in in vitro drug screening is preferred;

   Recruitment number: 2 people

Animal experiment scientist

 job requirements:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in life sciences, animal medicine, experimental zoology, etc.;

  2. Familiar with CDX, PDX modeling, drug efficacy evaluation;

  3. with animal test certificate, with veterinary qualification certificate is preferred;

  Recruitment number: 1 person

  Interested parties, please call: 021-58107895, you can also send your resume to: