Reqbio(Shanghai)Biosciences Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 in Zhangpu Science City Zhoupu International Medical Park. It is a multinational pharmaceutical research and development backbone team. It is dedicated to providing independent biological products, life medical research outsourcing services and bio-big data. Comprehensive company. Provides drug screening cell models for a wide range of disease targets including kinases, GPCRs, tumor immunity, and hundreds of different forms of genes for use with our leading cell functional modification technology, high precision and flexible gene editing tool platform. Standard reference for diagnosis. We provide products and services for a variety of drug discovery and genetic diagnostics organizations, supporting further understanding of gene function in all species and genetic drivers of human disease, as well as the development of personalized molecules, cells and gene therapy.

Business introduction

1. Product introduction

   A. A variety of genetically modified disease target model cell lines, involving GPCR, Ion channel, kinase, tumor immunity, gene KD, gene KO, gene KI;

   B. Standard reference products for genetic diagnosis;

2. Introduction to research outsourcing services

   Relying on professional equipment, technology and talents, Renkuo Bio provides preclinical research outsourcing services, including drug target model establishment and verification, drug screening platform construction and evaluation, and compound activity detection.

3. Large database

   The large database revolves around the genes involved in tumorigenesis and treatment, and displays information on the expression, mutation, and fusion of tumor-related genes, as well as the mechanism and efficacy of tumor drugs.