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Kinase Targeted Drug Evaluation

Service Background

Kinases regulate nearly all aspects of cellular life, and changes in their expression or mutations in genes can lead to cancer and other diseases. Kinases are a very important class of drug targets, and kinase inhibitors have been widely used in cancer treatment. How to evaluate and screen the activity of kinase inhibitors in high-throughput?

Service Principle

Combining our years of rich experience in the field of cells, we have transformed Ba/F3 (original mouse B cells) and introduced correspondingly expressed kinase genes. These genes can be used as the driving genes of Ba/F3, so that Ba/F3 no longer depends on IL-3 proliferates, and the kinase gene becomes the Ba/F3-dependent driver gene for proliferation, which is used to evaluate the targeted inhibition of small molecule drugs on kinases. 

Service Advantage

·The gene change background is single and controllable, and the cell survival depends on the only transgene-introduced activated kinase, and there is no off-target phenomenon, which can more accurately and quickly indicate the mechanism of action of the drug.

·Combined with the high-throughput drug screening platform, it realizes accurate target detection and selectivity evaluation of batch compounds, detects drug target selectivity, and evaluates drug toxicity.

Platform Introduction

At present, the Kinase Drug Cell-based Assay evaluation platform has more than 200 kinase cells, and the targets cover AKT1/2/3, BCR-ABL1, CCDC6-RET, CD27-ROS1, EZR-ROS1, KIF5B-RET, NCOA4-RET, c-Kit, PDGFRA, CSFIR, EGFR, EML4-ALK V1, EML4-ALK V3a, ETV6(Tel)-ARG, FLT3-ITD, HER2, KRAS, SDC4-ROS1, SLC34A2-ROS1, TEL(ETV6)-JAK2, TEL-KDR, TFG-NTRK1, TPM3-NTRK1, LMNA-NTRK1, NACC2-NTRK2, QKI-NTRK2, ETV6-NTRK3, AXL, ERBB4, CSF3R, TPOR.

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