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Immuno-Oncology Targeted Drug Evaluation

Service Background

Immunotherapy (immunotherapy) refers to the treatment of the body's low or hyperactive immune state, artificially enhance or suppress the body's immune function to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. There are many methods of immunotherapy, which are applicable to the treatment of many diseases (cancer, infection, autoimmune disease, etc.). Immunotherapy includes antibodies, recombinant proteins, RNA (mRNA, siRNA, etc.), vaccines, cells (CAR-T, CAR-NK, TCR-T, etc.). The determination of the biological activity of these drugs is very important, how to develop an assay method that reflects their MOA (mechanisms of action)?

Service Principle

The reporter gene cell model can well reflect the molecular mechanism of action, and at the same time has smaller variability and better operability. It has been widely used by the Chinese Academy of Inspection and pharmaceutical companies to test the biological activity of antibody drugs. It is very important for drug development, Quality control and batch release are important.

Relying on our leading cell function transformation technology, we have constructed a reporter gene cell model for various targets, and by simulating the molecular mechanism of immune cells and target cells in vitro, we can convert the change signals of related signaling pathways into detectable fluorescent signals, Realize the determination of the activity of the drug to be tested.

Service Advantage

·Reqbio experimental data has higher sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and repeatability.

·High throughput and low cost

·Save time, save labor

Platform Introduction

At present, the platform has covered more than 100 off-the-shelf cell models, and can provide high-quality Cell-base bioassay services.

·T Cells Activation Assays (NFATIL2NFkB….)

·Fc Effectors Activity Assays ( ADCC, ADCPs…)

·Immune Checkpoint Bioassays: Co-Inhibitory Targets (PD-1/PD-L1&2TIGIT/CD155CTLA4, LAG3LILRB4/APOECD112R/CD112SIRPa/CD47TIM-3BTLA/HVEMCD161/CLEC2DTIGIT/PD-1LAG3/PD-1CTLA4/PD-1 Combi…)

·Immune Checkpoint Bioassays: Co-Stimulatory Targets (OX404-1BBGITRCD27HVEM/LIGHTCD28…)

·Cytokines and Growth Factor Assays ( BCMA, TGFβ, EGF, CSF1R,IL2, IL15IL4&13, IL6, IL11IL12IL23IL36, IFNs,RANKL…)

·Others (TLR family members, STING,A2A family membersSARS Cov2…)

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